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DAMIS Company Mission Statement:


“All our activities shall be carried out with the greatest diligence so as to bring ultimate satisfaction to our future clients”


We offer our clients the following values:

professional approach, loyalty and commitment.


We truly believe that cooperation with Our Clients should be based on trust and confidence that we are a reliable business partner.

We put special emphasis on Partnership not only in the cooperation with the Client, but also within our team. Working atmosphere in DAMIS is created on the basis of mutual respect, friendliness and open exchange of opinions.


.................Short Historical Background

  The company DAMIS was established in 1989 by a native Varsovian Bogdan Tomaszewski. The current head office is located in Warsaw, ul. Kłopotowskiego 11, in a 19 th century apartment building.


In the years 1989 – 2008 DAMIS managed the multiple trade „JARMARK EUROPA” set up on the premises of the long-disused Dziesięciolecia Stadium in Warsaw.

The bazaar consisted of ca. 5000 business entities employing approximately 20,000 people.

„JARMARK EUROPA” was the biggest bazaar in Eastern Europe. The value of exports between 1995 and 1997 was 370 mln USD per annum. Due to the construction of the National Stadium for the purpose of EURO 2012, the trade in the area was terminated in 2008.

In the years 1990 - 2007 DAMIS also initiated different business activities. Some of them are presented below:

- We were the second company in Poland (after Global Refund) to be granted official permission to carry out VAT tax return ( TAX FREE ) for travellers purchasing classified goods and services on Polish territory.

- We established DAMIS Laboratory - the first private Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Goods Research and Assessment.

The laboratory was accredited according to the norms set out in ISO 25 Guidebook and had accreditation for the sign ‘B' – safety of use.

- Automotive industry constituted a significant part of the company's business activities.

In the years 1990-1993 we sold on the Polish market over 10,000 Suzuki Maruti cars which became very popular with clients.

Tawria car, assembled by the company in Łódź, turned out to be another successful product on the Polish market with 6000 items sold.

DAMIS was also involved in assembling and selling YUGO cars which came from ex-Yugoslavia as well as off-road Romanian cars ARO.

The off-road cars ARO were equipped with a Polish drive unit installed by the company (engine: Andoria from Andrychów; gearbox Eaton – from Tczew) and many components from Polish factories making up over 50% of the car value. In this way, DAMIS supported local manufacturers.

DAMIS is not only a business enterprise, though . During our existence on the Polish market, we greatly supported sports activities as well.

We were co-organizers of “Athletic Thursdays” for young people from Warsaw and other areas. In 1996 about 15,000 children participated in “Athletic Thursdays”.

DAMIS – POLONIA chess club had many prominent contestants who became champions of Poland. One of them was a chess player Bartłomiej Macieja honoured with the title of chess grandmaster.

The members of DAMIS Youth Hockey Club in Warsaw placed well in Polish Championships organized at that time.

Our greatest success in terms of sporting events was achieved in DAMIS Kick-Boxing Club in Krynica-Zdrój. In Polish Championships 2006 our female contestants won the titles of Champions of Poland in junior and senior categories.

At present, our company runs business activities in the following branches:





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